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Daydreaming Jewellery  - ' Harnessing The Power Of The Universe'


My story began with a life changing incident that ended my career and set me upon a new path which led me here today.

An injury on duty which required a seven hour operation followed by learning to walk again finished my much loved career,not just a career,it was a way of life,it was my world.

Without it I struggled,I didn't have my work to define me,I was lost.

Bored silly,I bought a boxed set of easy beads to keep me amused one wet winter's afternoon.I was surprised that it kept me busy on into the evening and I began to source quality findings(the parts that make up jewellery)and make more creative pieces.

Health problems continued to make life hard.I bought a crystal gemstone necklace and wore it day and night.Almost immediately one of the problems literally stopped.I had changed nothing else and I am absolutely positive this crystal is responsible for this..Every day is still a struggle and often there are days when I am unable to lead any sort of a life ,crippling pain dictating my days and nights.But the metaphysical properties of crystals help me to accept this new life and try to make the most of my days by raising money for animals in need.

This is why I make  all of my own jewellery using healing crystals and semi precious gem stones.I use the best quality findings and never make the same piece twice(unless requested).

Crystal healing,has been used for many thousands of years throughout the world for both physical and metaphysical ailments.Today,science has proven that crystals are not simply pretty stones,but actually do work.

I invite you to have a look at the concise information I provide about the crystals i use.

Pieces i have made will be listed for sale regularly and I am happy to make bespoke items to match your unique requirements.

if you have any questions please feel welcome to use the contact form and I will respond at the earliest opportunity.


100% Of The Proceeds From Every Sale Are Donated To Animal Welfare Charities

Animals all over the world are suffering.With every sale money is going towards helping ease that suffering.

Max here is sponsored thanks to my customers🌻

Money was donated to SPANA

AGATE;Agate is formed by banded microscopic crystals and is a very grounding crystal.Agate will soothe and calm and bring great strength to the wearer.Because agate works gently and slowly it is best worn for longer periods of tine.

agate works on one to help one identify what is possibly interfering with one's health and well being,and once identified,helps one to improve and overcome any blockages.It aids concentration and perception.

agate empowers and protects its wearer.It will overcome bitterness,eliminate negative energies and heals anger,replacing it with love,which will take away the tension associated with keeping the anger and hurt burning away inside.Agate will encourage honesty and instill a feeling of security. Different  colours have specific strengths;

Pink Agate,promotes the love and connection between parent and child.

Green Agate,improves ability to make decisions.

Botswana Agate,will assist those who wish to stop smoking.

helps one to stop dwelling on problems and to start solving them instead.

releases repressed emotions.

BLUE LACE AGATE;A cooling,calming healing crystal which will bring one peace of mind

it will ease away anger,inflammation,infection and fever.

a very good crystal for those who,as a child,were criticised and understanding the child to suppress their real emotions and thoughts.

blue Lace Agate will dissolve all the lent up emotions and replace them with a feeling of self acceptance and inner peace.It will encourage one to verbally express themselves.

it is a powerful throat healer.,easing thyroid,lymph,shoulder and neck problems.

DENTRITIC AGATE;This crystal brings great abundance and plentitude.

heals the nervous system.can overcome black ley lines.

MOSS AGATE;A beautiful soft green and useful as a birthing crystal,reducing pain and ensuring a good delivery of one's new baby.good for those suffering from hay fever.This crystal will help one move forward in their life unfettered by restraint.

improves self esteem and releases stress,it also helps one to develop strength and will power and determination.

this crystal will alleviate depression and fear.

it will speed up recovery from a long term illness,it is anti inflammatory and boosts the immune system.


AMAZONITE;Blocks very well the health issues associated with electromagnetic emanations.dispels negative energy within the nervous system.

Calms the brain.Relieves muscle spasms,rectifies calcium deficiency.

AMBER;Wear for prolonged periods of time,preferably at the throat or on the wrist.

This beautiful stone is recognised world wide for its glorious ,striking colours.

it fills the physical body with vitality whilst drawing disease out of it.Especially soothes the throat and also treats problems with the stomach,spleen,kidneys,bladder and liver.

amber gives one the vigour to go and achieve what they want in life bringing a joyous feeling with it,clearing depression and counteracts suicidal tendancies.


AMETHYST;One of the the most well recognised crystals with it's colour hues from soft lilac to startling vivid purple.This crystal deserves it's popularity with it's tremendous powers for protection  and high spiritual vibration.

It will protect one from psychic attack,turning the bad energy into good.

amethyst will calm the brain whilst aiding it to make balanced decisions,remaining in control and focused.

amethyst is the Crystal of sobriety.In the past it was worn to prevent drunkenness and will overcome addictions of all kinds.It promotes intuition and enhanced psychic ability.

amethyst relieves physical,emotional and psychological pain.Eases headaches,it will treat insomnia and bring one a good night's peaceful sleep.


AMETRINE;This crystal comes from the combination of Amethyst and Citrine,producing a lovely coloured crystal with some special properties.

it should be work on the body for extended periods of time.Holding ametrine brings deep seated issues to the surface to be healed.

this crystal will help you feel energetic ,stimulating activity and brings clarity and focus to the mind.

it will strengthen the immune system and heals chronic fatigue syndrome,depression,ulcers,lethargy and tension headaches.


APATITE;This crystal develops psychic gifts and spiritual attunement,deepening meditation and aids communication on all levels.

Apatite will increase motivation and builds up energy reserves for when needed.

a crystal for developing a more humanitarian attitude.It helps to expand knowledge and has inspirational properties.It can ease sorrow,apathy and anger.

Apatite will suppress hunger whilst raising one's metabolic rate,encouraging healthy eating.

it aids calcium absorption and heals bones.






AQUAMARINE;A beautiful green,blue co!our,this is the Crystal of courage.It will calm the mind and reduce stress allowing one to concentrate.aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive people and soothes fears.This crystal can give support to those overwhelmed by responsibility.It creates a personality that is upright,determined and dynamic.

A fantastic crystal for meditation,it will open up clairvoyance and hones intuition.

it shields the aura, aligns chakras.

good for healing sore throats,swollen glands and thyroid problems.


AVENTURINE;This is a crystal of an abundance of prosperity and positivity.

A great crystal for those in charge as it reinforces leadership qualities and decisiveness whilst promoting compassion and empathy.It will stabilise the mind,stimulates perception and enhanced creativity.Aventurine will promote a feeling of well being .

This crystal will balance blood pressure and stimulates the metabolism and lowers cholesterol,preventing arteriosclerosis and heart attacks.It has an anti-inflammatory effect so helping allergies,relieved migraine and headaches.

Crystals all have their own strengths,I can make you a lovely item using crystals that compliment each other,combining the healing energies uniquely for you.

BERYL;A really great crystal for anyone leading a stressful life and doing more than they should.Beryl will show you a way of dealing with only what needs to be done,focusing on what's important and assisting one to reach their potential.It prevents one from being distracted.

For those in a long term relationship or who are married and have found things have become mundane,Beryl will refresh the romance.

Beryl increases the body's resistance to toxins and pollution.

I predominantly use Pink Beryl,also known as MORGANITE.

Morganite has additional qualities;it is all about love💝....It will not only attract it into your life but help to keep it there helping one to enjoy all of loves emotions.

This crystal will also be good  those who are resisting,consciously or otherwise,accepting love and healing,opening the heart to receiving these emotions.

oxygenation the cells Morganite treats asthma,emphysema,heart problems,vertigo and lung blockages.

it will also aid those suffering from impotence.

CARNELIAN;A sensible crystal,Carnelian helps one to concentrate on daily life,bringing daydreamers back into real life.It will ground and stabilise,whilst still restoring energy levels that may be tired.

For those who,as a young person,grew up with negative conditioning,Carnelian helps one to overcome these emotions and to believe in oneself.

It will motivate one to be successful in their chosen field.

Also a very energetic crystal,it will stimulate the metabolism and increase fertility.

Gently assists those suffering from feeling frigid or impotent.

Carnelian helps heal several physical ailments including lower back pain,rheumatism and arthritis,neuralgia and depression especially with those in their later years.


CHALCEDONY;A very harmonious crystal which loves to nurture and bring people together and keep that group positive.

It turns sadness into joy and gets rid of negative energy and thoughts.

a crystal to foster the maternal instinct and increase lactation.

it will reduce the effects of senility and dementia.

helps to increase energy levels.

best worn in contact with the skin.


CHRYSANTHEMUM CRYSTAL;gentle crystal which helps one to live in the now and yet accept change in the future,inspiring one to enjoy life and have fun along the way.character flaws such as ignorance,bigotry,self righteousness and jealousy will be overcome.

Chrysanthemum crystal will strengthen one's character as well as promoting physical maturation,treating the skin,bones and eyes.It will disperse toxins and dissolved unwanted growths.






CHRYSOCOLLA;Wonderful for relationships of any kind going through a troubled time,this crystal will heal and stabilise emotions of the heart and promote great inner strength.It will encourage one to speak one's mind,yet also to know when it's best to say nothing.It alleviates guilt,replacing it with feelings of joy.

Very good for treating PMS and menstrual cramps.

heals infections,especially those connected to the throat.detoxifies the liver and kidneys.


CITRINE;One of my personal favourites,an extremely beneficial crystal,warming and energizing.For those interested in auras and chakras,protecting the aura and opening the intuition,cleansing the chakras and activates the crown chakra.

A happy,joyous and very generous crystal,bringing into one's life wealth,prosperity and success and teaching one how to manifest these for themselves.misery and negative won't last around the sunny citrine,Bringing harmony into the family.

CITRINE will help one to become less sensitive,especially in the face of criticism.

CITRINE also brings an upturn mentally aiding one to overcome depression,fear and phobias.Wearing CITRINE aids those who struggle to verbalize thoughts and feelings.

CITRINE will energize the physical body and is extremely powerful in healing chronic fatigue syndrome and reverses degenerative disease.

it also removes cellulite.



DIOPTASE;Promotes a positive attitude to life,encouraging one to believe in themselves and fulfil their potential.Suitcase will heal broken hearts and promotes spiritual attunement.When you don't know what your next step will be,dioptase will guide you in the right direction.

It releases the need to control others.

emotionally,dioptase heals the child within,absorbing hurts from the past.

dioptase relieves Meniere's disease,eases the blood pressure and pain and migraines.It can prevent heart attacks,lessens fatigue and overcomes shock.Particularly good for overcoming stress.


FLUORITE;A highly protective crystal,especially on a psychic level.

Eextremely effective against electromagnetic stress.

a thorough crystal,it cleanses,purifies,dispels and reorganizes anything within the body that is noting perfect order.

this crystal does not like disorganization and will right it!

it can quicken spiritual awakening and heighten intuitive powers.

it assists with balance and coordination.

fluorite is also a very powerful healer.It treats infections and is powerful against viruses.Alleviates arthritis and rheumatism and spinal injuries.

refreshes the libido.

excellent when worn at the ears.

fluorite has several colours,all of them beautiful.I am drawn to,and use,violet and purple fluorite,an excellent meditation crystal and useful when treating bone and bone marrow disorders.


GARNET;A favoured protective talisman,said to be able to warn if approaching danger.It fortifies,activates and strengthens the survival instinct bringing hope and courage.

Garnet activates other crystals amplifying their effect and clears negative chakra energy.

Garnet stimulates the metabolism.


HEMATITE;A strong and protective crystal,particularly good at harmonizing the mind,body and spirit.It dissolves negativity and prevents it entering one's aura,painting peace and stability.

a fantastic crystal for anyone who is shy or timid,Hematite will give their self confidence a real boost and remove any self doubt,increasing their willpower and confidence.

we are all human and make mistakes,Hematite will help one to accept what has been done and to view it as a learning experience and move on.

Smoking?over eating or eating the wrong types of food?drinking a little too much?This stone will help you treat this.

a good crystal to have on you in legal action,when studying maths or technical subjects.

Hematite aids problems with circulation problems,for example,Reynauds Disease,and blood illnesses such as anaemia,stimulates the absorption of iron and the formation of red blood cells.

also good for insomnia.

Hematite should not be worn for lengthy periods at a time.


HOWLITE;This is an excellent crystal for keeping calm,a very serene crystal that you can place under your pillow for a good night's sleep.

Howlite aids in formulating and achieving goals,both in life and spiritually.

this crystal will deal with anger and rage,keep it with you to dissipate your own anger or any directed at you.Also,it will curb any tendencies to be critical or selfish.


IRON PYRITE;Very protective!this gem,also known as 'fool's Gold',blocks negative energy.It protects one from infectious diseases.

As well as protecting one,iron pyrite gives one confidence in one's own abilities.

A great gem for men who struggle with lack of self confidence,it will strengthen belief in themselves and their own masculinity.However,it would be best not to be worn by the more alpha type make as the power of the gem will be too much and aggressive behaviour may result.

for women who may feel inferior,this gem will overcome this negative emotion.

great for improving mental activity,improving memory and recall.

it helps with tiredness,giving energy a kick start!.

a very fast moved when it comes to healing,iron pyrite aids sleep interrupted by gastric upsets,strengthening the digestive tract .Also beneficial to the lungs,aiding bronchitis and asthma.


JADE;...Also called Jadeite and Nephrite.There are right main colours of Jade,all with additional properties.

Jade is a crystal that is extremely well recognised throughout the world and rightly cherished for it's beauty and purity and harmony.

Jade represents wisdom ,it soothes and calms the troubled mind,making tasks appear simpler so they can be dealt with and eases irritability.

jade will protect the wearer from harm,bringing harmony,good luck and fortune.

jade removes toxins from the body,boosts fertility and aides in childbirth.It also balances the fluids within the body.

I understand that holding or wearing jade transfers it's virtues into the body.

GREEN JADE is probably the most well known,it is good for overcoming difficulties in relationships,calming the nerves and channelling passion in a constructive way.


JASPER;A wonderful crystal for determination,Jasper will bring it to any sphere.

Clears electromagnetic and environmental pollution,including radiation.

Jasper is also known as a supreme nurturer,supporting one through times of stress and brings tranquillity.

also promotes quick thinking and organisational skills,helping one to see jobs through to fruition.

Jasper prolongs sexual pleasure.It also supports the sexual organs.

Jasper is a slow acting crystal so it is best worn for longer periods of time.

there are approximately twelve colours of jasper,all have specific and powerful strengths.Please contact me if you would like more information.


LABRADORITE;Also known as Spectroute.

This beautiful,iridescent crystal is extremely mystical and protective.It will deflect bad energies from the aura.A stone of esoteric knowledge.It stimulates intuition and psychic ability.Grounds spiritual energy into the physical body.

labradorite ride one of insecurities and fears and strengthens one's trust in themselves and the universe.A lovely crystal to have when change is afoot,it imparts strength and determination.

labradorite treats disorders of the eyes and brain,relieved stress and regulates the metabolism and relieves menstrual tension,lowers blood pressure.


LAPIS LAZULI;This blue,flecked with gold,crystal is very popular and although easily obtained,is expensive.

If you want to contact your guardian spirits,this crystal will help you do just that.Lapis is also protective ,it will be alert to,and recognise,psychic attack and will block it and return it to where it came from.It can reverse a curse.

lapis helps by enhancing dream work and psychic gifts.It opens the third eye.

the key to spiritual attainment is held within the crystal.

stress is dealt with quickly,leaving one with a deep sense of inner peace.

lapis bonds relationships of love and friendship.It gets rid of feelings of cruelty and martydrom.

lapis is a good pain reliever,especially for those who suffer with migraines.It aids sleep for those suffering shameful nights,overcomes depression and boosts the immune system.Believed also to aid hearing loss.

wear at the throat where possible.


LARIMAR;Also called the Dolphin Stone or Blue Pectolite.

The beautiful gem is deeply harmonious,radiating peace and love,Tranquillity and serenity.Healing broken hearts and returning one to a happy state.

Larimar will improve effects of Bipolar disorders.Keeping this gem with you will keep you free of stress and feeling calm,especially in challenging times.

place on an area of pain in the body and Larimar will gently draw the pain away.

if one fears they have an unwanted attached entity,gently stroke the body with Larimar to remove it.

this gem is very healing to throat and cartilage problems.It will disperse blocked energy in chest,neck ,head.


LEPIDOLITE;An extremely spiritual crystal.Excellent for shamanic work,spiritual journeys,it removes negativity.

For those who struggle with depression,stress,obsessive thoughts,mood swings,bipolar and other mental health problems Lepidolite contains lithium,lifting despondency,overcoming adversity in these problems and bringing one a sense of peace.Also relieved the symptoms of Alzheimer's and epilepsy.

also useful for those suffering from an addiction or anorexia,Lepidolite will release all negative thoughts and induce change,encouraging one to achieve their own personal goals independently.Giving deep emotional healing and aiding a restful night's sleep.

this powerful and spiritual crystal will boost one's immune system and alleviates allergies.

excellent for those who are exhausted,vibrating gently to bring about an increase in energy.

sciatica pain will be numbed.will aid overcoming joint problems.

overall a fantastic crystal and one to be worn or placed under the pillow at night to ensure an undisturbed night's sleep.


MALACHITE;Here is a very powerful crystal which should be carefully handled,Do not touch the unpolished crystal or breath in it's dust(fear not,I use only the polished form,this is for your information only)NEVER drink an elixir where malachite has had direct contact with the water,don't use internally.Don't rub  with salt,it will damage the malachite.

Ok,that's the 'bad' bit understood!Let's look at the positives of this stunning crystal.

malachite is a protector against pollution and radiation and negative energies..

it heals earth energies.

this stone will force one to look at themselves,accepting what has been done and moving one on,developing empathy for other's,forming friendships and removing shyness ,allowing one to express themselves.This crystal can also persuade one to take risks!

it will combat dyslexia on one's behalf .

Malachite is sometimes called the midwives crystal.This is because of it's ability facilitate childbirth.

it is also useful for treating cramp,including menstrual cramp.

when worn about the waist(please contact me in sure I can help),malachite can treat diabetes.

malachite will also lower blood pressure,great vertigo and tumours,travel sickness and swollen joints.

malachite is a relatively new crystal and ,in time,it is thought,to become one of the most powerful.At this time it may be beneficial to combine malachite with other healing crystals to boost it's plentiful attributes.

NOTE;Malachite is powerful as I said at the start and may cause slight heart palpitations,if so remove immediately and wear instead rose quartz.


Truly Unique Natural Picture Agate Pendant On A Pure Silver Chain .

Pretty In Pink Angel Bracelet with two charms .

MOONSTONE;An excellent gem for honing one's psychic gifts and intuition and clairvoyance abilities.

A very feminine crystal which is excellent for PMS,conception,labor and breast feeding.Moonstone will rid the body of fluid retention and alleviate the signs of ageing of the skin and hair.

this feminine energy also aids men who may be prone to aggressive behaviour and for men who want to release their feminine side.Can calm hyperactive children.

a gem that will give one a deep emotional cleansing leaving a sense of peace within a previously hectic mind.


OBSIDIAN;Please note,Obsidian has no mercy.Unless you are fully prepared for the consequences,do not choose it.Consider seeking the advice of a trained crystal therapist before taking on this extremely powerful piece.

Why? You may ask,the answer is that Obsidian will delve,as deep as it takes,into your soul and bring to the conscious all that is silent and festering inside.One will have no choice but to face up to the person who one really and truly is.

One will have nothing left inside,a complete and thorough cleansing which will be cathartic and all new emotions that come to one will have a brighter and more intense feeling.Blockages will be removed allowing one to move forward,released from anything that had held one back.

Obsidian is very fast moving.

it is also a very strong protective talisman,it will form a shield to protect one from negativity and psychic attack.

there are several colours of Obsidian,all of which have their own specific attributes.

mahogany Obsidian is gentler with one than the immensely strong black,mahogany will ground one,protect and give one strength when needed.Worn on the body,it relieves pain and improves circulation.

snowflake Obsidian balances mind,body and spirit and helps one understand when one is thinking the wrong type of thoughts.(thoughts are energy and are heard).It is also good for circulation.


ONYX;IN extremely difficult times Onyx will support one by centering one's energy and align it with a higher strength to attain higher guidance.

Onyx is invaluable in it's ability to give one wisdom when it comes to making the right decision.Onyx will encourage one to be independent and self confident,reliable and have self control.

it will remove overwhelming fears and worries.

Onyx is a crystal which will hold your secrets and emotions and thereby a great one for using in psychometry.

it is beneficial to one's teeth,bones,the feet and for bone marrow and blood disorders.

traditionally work on the left side of the body.


OPAL;Easily recognised for it's subtle beauty,Opal is a sensitive crystal which will teach one the truth of Karma in that what one gives out,one will receive back,encouraging one to put out positive thoughts and emotions.

Creative,Opal will stimulate an interest in the arts and stimulate creativity.

for those interested in the healing of the earth itself,Opal can be used to send healing to it's (earth's)energy field.

opal treats Parkinson's disease and strengthens the will to survive.It regulates insulin.

Again,there are several colours of Opal.




Garnet,Buddha Prayer Bead,and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet.

QUARTZ;CLEAR; This incredible crystal is a master healer,the most powerful on the earth.There are several sizes,shapes and colours,all of which are equally amazing and have their own additional properties.I will endeavour to touch upon the majority but they do make very interesting reading in books on the subject.Certainly the shape of the crystal is important.

clear Quartz is sometimes overlooked for being what one might initially think as "just like glass",however it contains every colour of the spectrum within,it's real beauty is there if one looks,and when it is seen,as it catches the light and sparkles with a rainbow of colours,you will understand the beauty of clear quartz.

this crystal loves energy,it saves it,released blocked energy,stores,and regulates it,to the extent that if a piece of quartz point is attached to a fuel line of a vehicle it reduces the fuel consumption of said vehicle.(Please don't let anyone attach my jewellery to their car😊)

Going back to healing,when acupuncture needles are coated in quartz,the effect of the treatment is increased by ten per cent.

the quartz works at the vibration level of each individuals personal requirements for healing.Deep into the body,it cleanses what has caused the need for healing.

quart enhanced psychic gifts and focusses one on their spiritual path.Aiding concentration and memory recall.

quartz will heal one's body and enhance physical abilities.

it will boost the immune system and soothes burns to the skin.

BLUE QUARTZ;Inspires hope.Calms one's mind.Purifies the blood.

GOLDEN HEALER;Facilitates spiritual connection,including between two world's.

HARLEQUIN QUARTZ;A bridge between the earth world and the spiritual home.Overcomes thyroid problems.Relieved despondency and boosts the will to recover from long illnesses.

LITHIUM QUARTZ;A healer for Animals.eases depression.goes back into one's past lives to dissolve issues holding one back in this life.


TANGERINE QUARTZ; Very good for shock.heals after psychic attack.good for last life healing.

PHANTOM QUARTZ;Activates one's healing abilities.Stimulates healing for the planet.Facilities access to the Akashic Records(a record of every thought,action,spoken word ever said).Aids past life readings.Opens clairaudience.There is more reading available in crystal books on more colours of the phantom.

ROSE QUARTZ;A crystal well known for being one of unconditional love and eternal peace.Teaches true love and brings healing to the heart so that it can open up to love again in the future and rose quartz will assist one to find love again.

this crystal knows that one cannot truly allow oneself to be loved until one has learnt to love themselves and this includes forgiving oneself for last mistakes.

rose quartz is a gentle healer and will draw negativity away from the body.

a really beautiful crystal of love 💘 in all of it's forms.

rose quartz will strengthen the physical heart too.Said to increase fertility.

helpful for those suffering from Alzheimer's disease.

RUTILATED QUARTZ; A vibrant,energetic crystal which lifts exhaustion.Aids impotence and infertility.

wear at the neck for thyroid healing.

SMOKY QUARTZ;A wonderful grounding crystal,great for relieving stress and painting a calmness in turbulent times.

it will lift depression and suicidal thoughts,promoting positive thought.

this is a great crystal for treating illnesses connected to radiation or chemotherapy(carefully selected crystals not artificially treated..they are very black and not see through).

Wear as a pendant for long periods of time.

An animal suffering anywhere in the world,is still an animal suffering and deserves to be helped.I thank you all for helping me to do this.🌼

RHODOCHROSITE;Coloured from pretty links through to vibrant orange shades this crystal encourages one to love and heal oneself and believe in one's own unique abilities.

Radiating inner peace,this crystal will very much help to heal those who have suffered sexual abuse.It will very softly bring forth the hurt and pain,even if it has been suppressed for many years,and then aid one to release it all,thoroughly cleansing the body and soul.

for those who have been raised to believe that emotions are unnatural or bad,rhodochrosite will help one understand that their emotions are completely natural.Irrational fears and phobias will be dissipated.

rhodochrosite will bring into one's life a person or people who are to help one learn a life lesson.One may or may not enjoy this but it will be for the good of one's higher self,so accept the experience for what it is.

this crystal will encourage one to love,live happily and enjoy spontaneous actions,including passion.

rhodochrosite relieved asthma and respiratory issues.Regulates blood pressure and stabilizes the heart.

it will invigorate,stimulate,the sexual organs.


RHODONITE;Crystal of balance and new,emotional,beginnings.

This crystal can be used in past life healing to ease and deal with the pain of abandonment or betrayal.It will clear away all the wounds that still hurt to this day.resentment,anger,blame,will be dealt with.Rhodonite is also excellent for treating will help one remain calm in times of opposition and danger.It will boost one's confidence.

Rhodonite treats multiple sclerosis,tummy ulcers,joint pain and emphysema.


SODALITE;This lovely blue crystal will unite logic and intuition and bring information from the higher mind to the physical level.It will open spiritual awareness.

Sodalite likes the truth and encourages one to remain true to oneself and one's beliefs whilst instilling drive for promotes trust in groups of people working together.

Sodalite clears mental confusion aids rational thoughts and intuitive perceptions.

it will calm panic attacks .

especially good for those who are very sensitive ,promoting self confidence ,self acceptance and getting rid of unwarranted feelings of guilt that are holding one back..

an excellent crystal for healing,sodalite boosts the immune system,balances the metabolism,combats damage caused by radiation ,cures insomnia lowers blood pressure and stimulates the absorption of fluid into the body.great for healing lower back pain too.

best worn for long periods of time.


SUGILITE;Sugilite is one of the major love crystals.💗It inspires spiritual awakening and awareness.It opens all of the chakras to including love.

For those who are asking themselves "why am I here/what's the point/where did i come from"?sugilite will lead you to the answers.

this lovely crystal protects the soul from shock and trauma.

there are many people who feel as if they don't "fit in" with others,watching from the sidelines as others chat and laugh,socializing effortlessly.Sugilite is very beneficial to this feeling,helping one to communicate and eases the tension when in group settings.

this crystal also helps those who suffer with autism,paranoia or schizophrenia.

Sugilite can aid cancer sufferers ,it is a wonderful pain reliever and calms a mind in turmoil and alleviate despair.The maganese contained in this crystal heals headaches and pain at all levels.


TIGER'S EYE;A grounded crystal which combines the energies from both the earth and the sun,drawing spiritual energies to earth.

Tiger's eye will protect its wearer against harmful thoughts and ill wishing.

it's grounding energy will stabilise those who are unsettled or uncommitted,being a very good crystal for those whose mental illnesses have manifested into physical disabilities.It will dispel depression and lift one's mood.Tiger's eye will help strengthen the resolve to change in those with addictions.

possibly a great crystal for police officers as it aids in gathering information and putting it together to find the true picture.Also helps resolve dilemmas and assists one in seeing the truth.

this crystal aids night vision,heals throat and thyroid problems,helpful for healing broken bones.

also aids fertility.

traditionally worn as a pendant or on the right arm.



Moss Agate Pendant On A Pure Silver Chain.

Beautiful and popular,gold flecked blue pendant with a small heart charm on a chain of pure silver

Onyx,Black Dragon's Vein Agate,Volcano Rock and Dalmatian Jasper Bracelet .

TOURMALINE;This crystal is very protective of it's wearer,placing a wall or shield of protection around the person.

It also cleanses and ensures all the chakras are balanced.

Mentally,tourmaline will aid one to shake off any feelings of being left a victim and will replace it with self belief,inspiration,understanding of oneself.

this crystal balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain,improving hand to eye coordination,overcoming dyslexia and treating paranoia.

there are,with tourmaline,several colours that have specific strengths.

Red,Yellow,Brown; Facilitates improvement in the libido,released tension.

Black;(Schorl),protective against all kinds of negative energies and psychic attack.

increased energy and vitality,reducing tension and stress and negative thoughts.Encourages positive mental attitude.

Blue;(indicolite),Aids psychic awareness.a very moral crystal,it promotes honesty,fidelity,and helping others.

this crystal can dissolve is a great healer is several areas,primarily for the eyes and the brain.helpful for insomnia and night sweats.benefits the immune system.corrects fluid imbalances.

there are several more ,if you would like to know more please ask,or they are easily researched.


TURQUOISE;very easily recognised,turquoise has been used for centuries for its mighty healing properties and as a protective talisman.It is even believed to change colour to warn it's owner of the danger another's infidelity.It aids spiritual awakening and helps with communication with those in the spirit world.

Tturquoise will protect the wearer from all forms of pollution from the environment.It balances and aligns all the chakras.

turquoise is a strengthening crystal,keeping one alert yet calm.Stabilising mood swings and dissolving attitudes of martyrdom and self will life exhaustion and depression and help with panic attacks.

also alleviates vital infections and protects against pollution .heals cataracts.anti inflammatory.

especially good when worn at the throat.


UNAKITE;Is supportive for those in recovery from a long term or major treats the reproductive organs,stimulate weight gain.

aids healthy pregnancy.


ZOISITE;This crystal urges one to be the person they are and not who others want them to be,encouraging one's own ideas and dreams,and not conforming to the ideals of others.

Negative energies are transmitted into positive ones.This dispels lethargy,promoting recovery from a severe and/or prolonged illness and stress.

this slow acting crystal is best worn close to the skin for long periods of time.

spirits reduces inflammation and strengthens the immune system.

it will increase fertility  and heals problems with testicles or ovaries.regenerates cells.treats the heart.

spirits is very often seen as 'Ruby in Zoisite.' This increases the strengths of spirits alone.


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Please Note;Whilst crystals therapy is powerful and non intrusive,it cannot be used instead of seeking medical advice from a qualified health care professional.


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